Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding Instructional

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Get a real bird's eye view of Queenstown's incredible scenery as you soar majestically in the sky on a tandem paraglider.

As you take off from Coronet Peak, you can relax and rest assured you're in safe hands with the Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding and Hanggliding company,  NZ's most experienced paragliding and hang gliding company. This highly qualified team is run by a 4-times NZ paragliding champion, with over 35 years of aviation experience. 

During summer (October - April) you can take the higher take-off option from Rocky Gully. It gives you the opportunity for more aerobatics – more of those spins and turns in the air – for the thrill seekers. If you want a gentle tandem flight but still take off higher, this is also for you.

During the winter months (June – September) the chairlifts (extra cost) allows you to access the snow launch point at the Coronet Peak skifield. The views off the summit are incredible, plus you have 1,100m vertical to play with. This is twice the height of the Queenstown Gondola – and is therefore the finest tandem paragliding experience in Queenstown.

All paragliding options include an instructional component which allows you to take the controls and have a go at flying the paraglider yourself (conditions permitting). 

What's unique about this product

  • Most experienced tandem paragliding and hang gliding company 
  • Highest commercial take-off point in Queenstown
  • Incredible views from Coronet Peak
  • Opportunity to fly the paraglider yourself

What's included

  • Transport to the location 
  • All equipment

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Retail price

  • Winter - Summit take off $245


  • 2 hours 30 minutes hours in winter for the round trip. 
  • Flight time is approximately 20 minutes 

Check-in information

  • You will need to do a weather check with the company half an hour before departure time on freephone 0800 46 7325 (0800 GO PEAK) or 021 826336 (021 TANDEM). If they can’t fly due to the weather conditions they will try and accommodate you at another time/day
  • Pick up from outside the Ivan Clarke Gallery, 39 Camp Street

What to bring

  • Good footwear (summer: running shoes or tramping boots, winter: boots with a sturdy sole), something that can give you good ankle support, as you are required to do a short run on take off.
  • Warm clothing

Key booking notes

  • Please allow an extra $30.00 for 1 ride up on the chair lifts to reach the snow launch point
  • The minimum weight for a passenger on a paraglider is 20 kg, the maximum is 110kg
  • Maximum and minimum weight is made up of body weight plus clothing and shoes on the day. 
  • You must weather check with the operator half an hour before departure time on freephone 0800 46 7325 (0800 GO PEAK) or 021 826336 (021 TANDEM).
  • It is important for all customers to declare any of the below medical conditions (please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from participating in our air sport activities):Pregnancy, Heart Condition, Recent Sprains or Muscular injuries, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, High/low Blood Pressure, Bone Disorders, Fragile skin, Dislocations, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Prosthetics, Neurological Disorders, Disabilities, Physical Impairment, Motionsickness.
  • You can leave belongings in the van, which will meet you again at the Flight Park landing site.

Refunds & cancellations

  • If the trip has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, there are no cancellation fees.
  • If you cancel your trip within 48 hours of departure, there is a 20% cancellation fee applicable.
  • Cancellations within 1 hour of departure require a 50% cancellation fee.
  • No refund is given, if you do not turn up on time for the departure of the trip.
  • A change of booking fee of NZ$50 per person applies for changes requested. No refund given if you exceed the maximum passenger weight.
  • All requests for refunds and cancellations to be made directly with the operator.

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