At GoStandby we’re a team of professionals who’ve been working in tourism for over 20 years. And over the years we’ve seen how all operators grapple with the challenge of ensuring their trips run full.

The traditional way of offering promotions and discounts didn’t really solve the problem. All it did was offer their products at a cheaper price in advance without knowing if they needed to discount the trip. It was blunt tool that operators had at their disposal to sell more, but not necessarily make more money. So we thought we’d try and find a better way to help operators fill their trips and at the same time give customers a better deal. And that’s how GoStandby was born.

GoStandby’s idea is simple – give the operator the ability to decide whether or not to take a standby booking. If the activity is full, great, they don’t have to accept a standby booking but if they have a few spare seats, they can take on standby customers and ensure they fill those empty seats. So they don’t have to discount their products until they actually need to. And in return for the uncertainty of being on standby, customers get to purchase seats for a lower price. Win-win!

In other words, we aim to offer the best price for both customers and operators, at the last minute.